Like in moulds for plastics, there are made cavities with inlet system and some spew groves as well, given by the dimensions and function of the product, and also they contain a system of ejectors, but the materialization should by carried out with looser allowances, as it comes to bigger thermal expansion due to materials of higher melting temperature utilization, and so to possible position change of all moving parts mutually. The moulds are produced either in version for gravity- casting or for pressure-casting. With casting under pressure the allowances should be tighten, as the material, driven by pressure, requires mould joints closed more tightly. In general, these moulds are manufactured for products where either the material can not be replaced by any plastics, material rigidity is required or environmental resistibility is necessary, or it is necessary to prevent any scrap waste origination with big production series manufactured of non-ferrous materials by traditional cutting operations. The surplus material the boss- is removed by band saw obviously and then it is re-cast.