FORMANA s.r.o. Company was established in 1997, as amachine-engineering company, dealing mainly with metal machining, and machine-industry components, and tool manufacturing. The production-preparation technical engineering itself allows us to react to all stimuli coming from our customers, even to those one where the direction and the development of the product is just being planned. By timely analysis of planned and proposed production processes, and problematic details as well, we can manage to prevent any bigger expenses by their adaptation or change, either at tool production or at serial production directly. We are ready to provide comprehensive services to the client under one roof starting from the designup to the final product with an extensive park of machinery, and with big variety of technologies, by a depository of the most often used stock types, and by specialists with long-term ceaselessly growing experiences. The present orientation of our production is, first of all, the design and production of cutting and bending tools, moulds for plastics, moulds for aluminium and other non-ferrous metals, servicing and maintenance of these assemblies, piece metalworking, of small and medium size series production.

We influence processes in many industrial branches by our services. In automobile industry first of all: Here we offer our services to manufacturers and to their sub-suppliers as well, directly, mainly to (VW Bratislava , SACHS Trnava , .......), further, plastics processing companies serving the automotive industry (VW, AUDI , PORSCHE , PEUGEOT ,....), white technique (WHIRLPOOL , BOSCH,......), black technique (SAMSUNG, ....) are concerned. Then there are the services provided, in a smaller extent, for wood processing, furniture, food-processing industries, concerning tool, jigs and appliances or spare parts production, and servicing.